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Softimage announces SOFTIMAGE|XSI 7

Softimage have announced the release of the latest version of SXI. SOFTIMAGE|XSI 7 will introduce a transformative open platform called ICE, designed to capture the infinitely creative vision of content producers. With a visual interface and an easy-to- ... read more

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At ERA we understand the importance of IT to your business. When problems occur we will ensure that they are dealt with in a quick and efficient manner.  We can also monitor your system which will enable us to identify potential problems before they occur and therefore prevent any loss of service or interruptions to your business.

Many companies are experiencing the effects of convergence of traditional media and broadcasting systems into the world of IT and are increasingly having to justify increased internal expenditure on dedicated internal resources which reduces the focus on their core business. There is an increasing move to look to external providers to help them achieve their goals whilst keeping the costs of managing an increasing IT infrastructure under control. Our Managed Service gives you the best of both worlds.  An IT provider that works to monitor and maintain your systems, provides advice and recommendations to business problems and efficiently deals with issues if they occur.

We keep at our core the overriding goal to offer our clients an exceptional level of customer service.  We understand the need to be responsive, flexible and dedicated. For this reason we don't run a traditional 'helpdesk' like many of our competitors. The engineers that deal with telephone enquiries are the same people that make on-site visits.

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