The CandIT Media Data Centre is a digital media industry specific computing and storage cluster platform. It is built using the unique Workhorse Application Raw Power (WARP) media storage cluster architecture. 
MANTRICS Workflow Manager is a powerful web-based solution for media asset management (MAM), workflow automation and project planning. Mantrics provides a single platform through which all elements that contribute to your production workflow can be effectively managed.
Ensure that our customers’ data is kept safe and secure - forever.
They achieve this through the combination of how they store and manage data, the processes they  apply. Arkivum was formed in 2011 as a spin-out from the University of Southampton.  With a world-class reputation in the field of digital preservation, the University has been working for over a decade with public and private sector organizations across Europe to develop best practice for the safe keeping of digital data over the long term.
ERA are pleased to announce a partnership with YoYotta to supply turn key solutions for the YoYo product range. ERA will have a number of off the shelf solutions as well as being able to offer complete piece of mind for our customers with Service and Support options.”
The MatrixStore is the storage geek so you don’t need to be. It is designed to protect digital assets from ingest through to archive whilst complimenting existing production storage platforms thus enabling an optimum balance of cost versus functionality. ERA are very excited about working as a Partner with MatrxixStore.
ERA are part of the  Apple Consultants Network and offer professional service provider and technology consulting specialising in Apple and third-party solutions. Certified on Apple technologies, We deliver on-site technology services and support to businesses of all sizes.
PipelineFX produces Qube!, the leading render farm management software for film and post production. ERA work in partnership to integrate and support customers in the UK and Northern Europe. Qube! embodies over 30 man-years of development and $3 million of investment. Qube! increases production throughput while significantly reducing the amount of time it takes to render frames for animation in movies, visual effects and games. 
MXF Server is the new kid on the block, designed for multi platform
video server storage, it offers unique toolset's and sets the standard
for seamless project data sharing.
ERA and Filmpartners work exclusively in the UK in conjunction with
IBM to plan,intergrate and support MXF server.
Isilon's innovative scale-out NAS storage solutions are designed to help enterprises overcome the most pressing storage challenges. From streamlining content production to enhancing the reliability of file services to supporting disaster recovery initiatives, clustered storage solutions from Isilon combine the OneFS® operating system to reduce their capital and operating expenditures.
As an HP gold partner, ERA provide Blade/scale out servers, Graphics workstations and Networking hardware to many leading edge media companies. Backed with world class HP support  we offer our customers the piece of mind that comes with working with the leading IT innovator.
Best in class storage and key partnerships with ISV’s who develop ground breaking applications make the ERA/IBM partnership a fundamental part of our business. Products like MXF server deliver powerful cross platform storage to media professionals, and GPFS is the most versatile parallel file system available . As the old saying goes “ No one ever got fired for buying IBM “.
Having worked with Infortrend for over 10 years we have seen this company develop beyond recognition to  a respected cornerstone of the RAID storage marketplace. Often portrayed  as purely an entry level product, nothing could be further from the truth. Entry level is indeed catered for, but also high density Enterprise class storage and more recently data tools for NAS and Virtual Storage environments, “ does exactly what is says on the tin ."
ERA and Quantum are a natural partnership, As a leading storage integrator ERA are able to exploit Quantum’s complete portfolio of software tools, in particular Storenext File System which lends itself particularly well to media based workflow's. We also leverage Quantum’s best in class Tape technology along with automation software and support.
Softimage announces SOFTIMAGE|XSI 7

Softimage have announced the release of the latest version of SXI. SOFTIMAGE|XSI 7 will introduce a transformative open platform called ICE, designed to capture the infinitely creative vision of content producers. With a visual interface and an easy-to- ... read more

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